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Atlas Coal Mine Wooden Truss Bridge

Atlas Coal Mine Wooden Truss Bridge

The wooden C.P.R. ”Howe Truss” bridge over the Red Deer River at East Coulee was built in 1936 and destroyed by heavy flooding and ice flows in April 1948. It was rebuilt soon thereafter. It was already an old-fashioned design when it was built, as wooden Howe Truss bridges were primarily used in the 19th century.

By 2014 it had several rotten beams and locals had placed down timber and plywood to help one get across.  If that wasn’t scary enough, there are rattlesnakes that are living in the soft timber and dirt on the bridge.

Rocky Mountain River

Mountain River

A river runs through Jasper National Park near Highway 16.

Stained Glass

Stained Glass

From the Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine and Grotto

From the Our Lady of Lourdes St. Laurent Shrine north of Saskatoon. 

Abandoned Farm House

Abandoned rural homestead

An abandoned rural homestead near Govan, Saskatchewan.

Alsask Radar Dome

Alsask Radar Dome

The Alsask Radar Dome was a part of what was known as the Pine Tree Line, a Cold War era network of military radar stations jointly operated by the Canadian and American governments to monitor Soviet activity in North American airspace. The golf ball shaped fibreglass dome was designed to shield the radar array inside from inclement weather. It surmounts a two-level tower raised on steel beams: the first floor contained transmitter equipment; the second housed receiver-associated equipment. A computer, control centre, and administration offices were located in a separate building at the radar site. During the early years of operation the site also had two height finder radars located on either side of the search tower.

Photo Friday: Metal

Walt Disney Concert Hall

My submission for Photo Friday: Metal.  The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, California.

Century Coals Ltd

Atlas Mine

The Atlas Coal Mine National Historic Site is a former coal mine in Alberta, Canada. Located in East Coulee, it is considered to be Canada’s most complete historic coal mine and is home to the country’s last standing wooden coal tipple. It was designated an Alberta Provincial Historic Resource in 1989 and a National Historic Site of Canada in 2002.

Abandoned homestead near Alsask

Abandoned homestead near Alsask Alberta

The Alleys of Moose Jaw

The Alleys of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

An alley in downtown Moose Jaw.

Jim’s Auto Repair

Jim's Auto Repair

A shot this summer from Drumheller, Alberta of Jim’s Auto Repair, a garage that I can find nowhere online.