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3rd Avenue at Night

Third Avenue at night

Third Avenue at night.  Drinkle No 3 building is in the background.

McKim Building (1914)

McKim Building

Apartment block built in 1914. Suite #9 is rumoured to be inhabited by the ghost of a nurse who often seems to be looking for her keys. She also fills bathtubs with water and leaves quarters, dimes, and pennies in the dining room. She has the quirky habit of sitting on the edges of beds and playing with the occupants’ feet.

Louise Street Community Church

Louise Street Community Church

Louse Street Community Church.  It used to be located along Taylor Street but moved into Eastview years ago to a bigger and from this photo, a much less inviting building that is off the beaten track.

I think it also shows the danger of moving a church from a high visibility location in neighbourhood into a little trafficked side road in a commercial district.

The StarPhoenix

The StarPhoenix

The StarPhoenix advertisement on the side of the Drinkle No. 3 building.  Shot with a Pentax 50-135mm f/2.8.

Third Avenue United Church

Third Avenue United Church

Third Avenue United Church

Traveller’s Block Annex

Traveller's Block Annex

Traveller’s Block and the Traveller’s Block Annex in downtown Saskatoon.  It was taken with the Pentax 50-135mm f/2.8 while walking around downtown Saskatoon the other night.

Farnam Block (1912-2015)

Farnam Block

I can’t get nearly as excited as some of you can about the demolition of the Farnam Block but here is an old photo from 2004 when it was still home to Lydia’s Pub.  Somewhat fitting that this was taken with a Kodak camera.

The Delta Bessborough, Sheraton Cavalier, and James Hotel

Delta Bessborough and the Sheraton Cavalier

Three of Saskatoon’s most majestic hotels; the Delta Bessborough, Sheraton Cavalier, and The James Hotel.

Homeless in Saskatoon

Homeless in Saskatoo

Homeless man asleep in the entrance to the CIBC on 21st Street.  He managed to save a piece of cake (or someone left it for him) for the morning.  He’s one block away from a homeless shelter.

The Lynx Apartments

The Lynx Apartments

Former RCAF barracks in Saskatoon, now the Lynx Apartments.