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The James Hotel

The James Hotel

The James Hotel in Saskatoon.

21st Street

20th Street

21st Street East on a quiet Sunday night this summer.  

Cornerstone Church

Cornerstone Church

Cornerstone Church in Lawson Heights.

Winston’s English Pub & Grill

Winston's English Pub

Winston's English Pub & Grille

Winston’s Pub and Grill in downtown Saskatoon.

Discovery Place Condominiums

Discovery Place

Discovery Place condominiums located on the western boundary of Kinsmen Park.

Capitol Centre


The Capitol 4 Theatre was a four screen movie theatre built in 1983. Formerly owned by Famous Players prior to their takeover by Cineplex Odeon, it was sold to Empire Theatres in 2005.  Faced with overwhelming competition from the 12-screen Cineplex Galaxy Theatre, opened in 2006 and half a block to the south, the Capitol was again for sale as of January 2008.

Empire Theatres closed the Capitol Theatre for good on April 3, 2008. The property was sold and redeveloped as an office building called the Capitol Centre. Engineering firm SNC-Lavalin leased the entire building in 2011.

O’Brians Automotive Event Centre

O'Brian's Event Centre

Obrian' Event Centre

Wendy and were walking downtown this summer on a Sunday night when a concert got out of the O’Brian’s Automotive Event Centre.  A couple of hundred of intoxicated people wander out, many with open alcohol, vehicular damage, people urinating on 2nd Avenue, a couple of fights and not a single security staff from O’Brian’s nor were there a single member of the Saskatoon Police Service around.

So tell me again how O’Brians event centre keeps their liquor license.  While you are at it, how do numerous fights break out on Saskatoon’s most prestigious street and no police even bother to check it out?

Bus Terminal

Saskatoon Bus Terminal

The Saskatoon Transit bus terminal.  Main transfer point for buses of Saskatoon Transit (when they aren’t locked out)

Downtown Parking

Parking Meter

One of Saskatoon’s antiquated parking meters taken on a late night walk through downtown Saskatoon this summer.

Phase 2 Foto Source

Phase 2 foto source