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Bike Rack

Bike rack in A.H. Browne Park

Sunset in Mayfair

Sunset in Saskatoon

King Me

King Me: Boardgamery and Cafe

King Me.  A boardgamery and cafe in The 525.

The Green Ark


The Western Commercial Company, a wholesale outlet for wine, liquor and cigars, was one of the first substantial commercial buildings constructed on 20th Street West.

It was built by A.S. Levine of Vancouver, BC in 1905. At the time, Mr. Levine intended the second floor to be used as an opera hall, having movable partitions that could create one large entertainment venue.

The Saskatoon Branch of the Western Commercial Company closed in 1915 after the outbreak of war. Throughout the next 8 decades, the building was home to a number of interesting businesses, including the Saskatoon Exchange Mart, Joe’s Cycle and General Automotive, Boomtown Outfitters and most recently, the Green Ark.

Odessa Deli during the 2015 Nuit Blanche


Odessa Deli on 20th Street in Saskatoon.

The Traffic Bridge

Victoria Bridge in Saskatoon

Enjoying River Landing

Oliver enjoying himself at River Landing

Oliver enjoying himself in River Landing.

River Landing

A warm winter day in River Landing

MGM Communications

Home of MGM Communications in Saskatoon

In 1929 John Akitt built a handsome one-storeybrick structure at 433 20th Street West. He operated his hardware business from this location until 1948 when the business was taken over by Harry E. Ford. Ford in turn sold the business in 1952 to the United Grain Growers (UGG). The retail store established as a branch of the United Grain Growers and was the only one operated by the company. It supplied hardware and farm supplies to the farming community who lived west of Saskatoon. In 1959 UGG Hardware was sold to Hickson and Morgan Electric Company Limited where they sold Westinghouse appliances and washing machines.

 United Grain Growers HardwareHickson and Morgan Electric Company Limited

It is now home to MGM Communications, a leading communications and marketing firm in Saskatoon.

Midwest Sportswear

Midwest Sportswear in Saskatoon

The Midwest Sportswear building is a mystery to me.  It is an older building but I can’t find any record of it anywhere.  It looks like it was an old RCAF building that was left behind when Air Station Saskatoon was shut down.  If you have any clues as to what it used to be, let me know and I’ll update this page.