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Downtown Parking

Parking Meter

Phase 2 Foto Source

Phase 2 foto source



Say whatever you want about the Pharmasave (and I really have no opinion on it) but it is the one business that has survived the Saskatoon Transit bus terminal downtown.

MacMillan Building

MacMillan Building

This building was built by F.R. MacMillan who was the original owner of the Avenue Building. Frank Martin, the architect for the building, closely copied the design of an earlier building that stood on the site. This earlier building, known as Drinkle No. 1, was where the very first classes of the University of Saskatchewan were held. Drinkle No. 1 burned down in a spectacular winter fire in 1925.

A.L. Cole Pumphouse

A.L. Cole Pumphouse

Former pumphouse for the demolished A.L. Cole power plant. The tower part of the building is the oldest (1911) and two additions were made in 1929 and 1954. The city is hoping to repurpose it as part of the River Landing redevelopment west of the Senator Sid Buckwold Bridge.


Target at Lawson Heights Mall

The rather underwhelming Target in Lawson Heights Mall.  I guess it is an improvement over Zellers but it doesn’t really blow you away.

Nutana Tennis Courts

Nutana Tennis Courts in Nutana Kiwanis Park

This makes me sad as it is one of the last great tennis courts in a city that used to have them all over the place.  As I took this photo I couldn’t help but notice the empty courts and wish that I had my racquet.  Oh well, next time (and we all know it will be full at that time).

The Congress Beer House

Inside The Congress Beer House

The Congress Beer House

Delta Bessborough Hotel

The Delta Bessborough Hotel


Cabela's in Saskatoon

Cabela’s in Saskatoon.