Target at Lawson Heights Mall

The rather underwhelming Target in Lawson Heights Mall.  I guess it is an improvement over Zellers but it doesn’t really blow you away.

Nutana Tennis Courts

Nutana Tennis Courts in Nutana Kiwanis Park

This makes me sad as it is one of the last great tennis courts in a city that used to have them all over the place.  As I took this photo I couldn’t help but notice the empty courts and wish that I had my racquet.  Oh well, next time (and we all know it will be full at that time).

The Congress Beer House

Inside The Congress Beer House

The Congress Beer House

Delta Bessborough Hotel

The Delta Bessborough Hotel


Cabela's in Saskatoon

Cabela’s in Saskatoon.

Alleys of Mayfair

Alleys of Mayfair

Garage in MayfairLoraas bin in Mayfair

Downtown Saskatoon

Downtown Saskatoon in fall

Spell check

We can change the wold alone

And that folks is why I don’t graffiti things.  Embarrassing spelling mistakes.

SaskTel Centre

SaskTel Centre

SaskTel Centre

The recently renamed Saskatchewan PlaceCredit Union Centre, SaskTel Centre shows off it’s new logo.  You can still see the Credit Union Centre name in the background (and the website is still Credit Union Centre)

Since it has been many years since our stadium has had a great nickname, I think we should refer to the SaskTel Centre as the phone booth.

Homeless in Saskatoon

Homeless in Saskatoon

A homeless man sleeping in Cosmopolitan Park earlier today.  If you want to know what homelessness looks like in Saskatoon, here it is in one image.